Sometimes you gotta yell... Sometimes you gotta dance...
Sometimes you gotta do both.


The Ska-punk nom de plume of composer / producer Joey Weisenritter, Dang!t calls on their listeners to live with empathy and compassion, fueled by skanky guitars, walking bass, synthesizers, and gang vocals.


Writing, arranging & recording everything himself, Joey releases all of Dang!t's music in the true DIY fashion. To hear what he has released so far, check out your preferred streaming service, as well as "The Shape of Ska Punk to Come Vol. II" by Bad Time Records (featuring the track "Kind of Life").


“Too talented!”
        -On The Upbeat

“[''Split At The Seams'' is] a 68-second hardcore punk rager with ska-style horns, and it truly rips.”
                     -Brooklyn Vegan

“Such a good song-what a great band!”
                       -Punk & Oi! Worldwide



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